About Caryl

Where I am at with Massage

A bit about your new massage therapist.

I am Remedial Massage Therapist with a goal of helping people better their mental, physical and spiritual health via massage therapy, better self-care awareness, activity and education.

Since entering the massage industry, I have joined and am still part of teams that provide massage therapies for NRL teams, AFL's GWS Giants, as well as working with individuals at my own practice in Parramatta, at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre Health Club, home and corporate mobile massage visits.

I trained as a Western Remedial Massage Therapist, continuously evolving and incorporating Eastern and other Western teachings and techniques to better care for my clients. Each person's experiences are different, their bodies and minds going through different circumstances, needing tailored treatments to suit their needs.

What makes me a Good Massage Therapist:

I love that I have walked in similar shoes to that of my clients. I use to work a 9 to 5 before becoming a massage therapist, so I understand the rolled-forward shoulders, lower back pain, bad posture.  I understand the blessing of corporate massage visits and birthday massage vouchers. I understand the intense workouts at the gym and the excuse-ridden decision of not going to the gym. I love playing sport and understand that winning is a sweet victory at all levels of competition, and some games are worth putting your body on the line, until the adrenaline wears off. 

I understand that sometimes you just need a firm but relaxing massage that soothes the stress but removes all the tight, sore  spots. I understand when all you want is a deep tissue massage but "pain is love" is not entirely true. I understand that sometimes you just want something medium-light and relaxing. Why does this make me a good massage therapist? My experiences help me understand what you are going through, what you are trying to achieve by getting a massage. With better understanding, comes better treatments. Better treatments, better health.

Enough about me. It's time for you and your better health journey with massage.

I look forward to connecting and growing with you, actively embracing better health.

Mobile: 0433386539

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